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'The Next Wave'

A new arts project about the Tamar Valley landscape

'As the River Flows…' takes the landscape of the Tamar Valley as it subject. Many artists and writers have found inspiration in the valley. In 1813 Turner painted that part of the valley where I live, seen from New Bridge at Gunnislake. More recently Kurt Jackson has worked in this area. Now I'm setting out to discover the most stunning or intriguing places in the Valley, and capture them in my sketchbook and drawings, paintings and prints.

My exploration of the Valley will be guided by local stories, whether they are common legends or personal anecdote. The Tamar Valley landscap is said to be a hidden gem, but the people who live here know what a special place this is. We all have our favourite spots, and we all experience this landscape in our own way. I hope that theTamar valley people will want to share their places of interest with me. With this project I hope to capture what makes this landscape so special.

As the River Flows.. is not just about the Tamar, but of course the river plays an important part in how it has shaped the landscape and its people through the ages. I'm interested in the role of the creative arts in defining a landscape. Working in partnership with the Tamar Valley AONB and Plymouth College of Art, I'm looking to create an artistic map, capturing the spirit of the valley in artworks of its special places, and the stories of the people connected to those places.

During the two-year run of the project I will be working with students from Plymouth College of Art on the artistic explorations or project management aspects of As the River Flows. I'm also keen to work with children in local schools. There will be regular opportunities to see work in progress, and through this website, the artist's notebook, and Facebook and Twitter I will report regularly on the latest discoveries.

If you know a special place in the Valley, or if you are interested to be part of this project as inidvidual or as a school or group, please contact me by email.

Peter Ursem


Artist's Notebook

peter ursem working in Tamar Valley


22-30 November

A first presentation of 'As the River Flows...' at

The Tamar Valley Centre
Cemetery Road
PL18 9FE


T&D took us out on their boat today. My first trip out on the water, sailing from Calstock first to Morwelham, then back and on to just beyond Cotehele, where the river is suddenly quite a bit wider. I took lots of photographs.


I got the website up and running this morning, at least the first page of it. More to follow soon...


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